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Thread: melody at classy's

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    melody at classy's

    i finally saw melody at classy's. she was so sweet, with a hint of innocence. she put forth just the right amount of effert to seem like she wasn't faking. she is all good and i will be seeing her again. if anyone else has anything to say msg me because i see nothing wrong with this girl

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    Nice tight fuck

    Paid for Melody's services January 9th. Nice and perky, great attitude, great service, and a real fresh experience. I haven't been that hard in some years. Good head and really had me believing she was into it.
    Good conversation and well worth my money, time, and effort.

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    just wondering ....does she bbbj?

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    I think I would have to say no to that alothough I didn't ask. She seemed very concerned about STD's.

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    She was definitely safe, but accomodating when I saw her on tour.

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    sweet and slick

    All I can say is, she loved to suck cock, came twice and could ride like a rodeo star.

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