I had the privilege to meet Victoria Jolie tonight. What a classy, gorgeous lady, so very stunning to look at, plus a great conversationalist. We met at her hotel she was staying at, she greeted me, talked for a while, then she gave me a little kiss. I was done after that, we went to the bedroom. Where I underperformed, sorry Victoria. But it's partially your fault for looking so dam good . We then laid together and talked, with a little pinch of cuddling and light kisses. I could listen to her forever, great stories, she comes off very intelligent, which just adds to her great personality. Then we got going again, well she was great, me..... not so much . All in all a great night, I had a perfect time with her, hopefully I amused her a little.

Guys, don't miss her, she is a wonder. You will tire out way before she will. Oh, I love the eye contact she gives you. You just know your the only thing on her mind, she makes you feel like you belong there with her. One last thing, what a body .