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Thread: Akira and Kiana?

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    Akira and Kiana?

    I've searched and didn't have any luck on them. They advertise on the buy and sell. anybody have the chance to meet either of them?

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    I saw Kianna of She was quite pretty with a nice bod. She has a nice full ass and long legs and tiny tits. She is quite accomodating but lacks lustre. DATY ok and she moaned a bit. OK service overall but I got the feeling she was somewhere else in her head. I don't think she is a very sexual person deep down. YMMV.

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    I think its anotherr is their ad:
    A Japanese beauty in town from Japan & a Chinese beauty, Openminded & playful. Available for duos & toy shows. 5'4"/110lbs, 36B-24-32. Private & discreet. In & out calls. 604-617-2901.

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    I know that several yrs ago back when this agency on east broadway was around there was this kiana girl that worked there with her sister. they were filipino and in their late 30's. kiana had a great bod and nice fake tits and her sister was more on the slimmer side. but when i picked kianna something was totally wrong ahe was definitely a transexual. though she has a sex changed operations and all that but that wasnt what i was looking for so i just left. i'm not sure if these 2 women are the same women that i mentioned above.

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    anybody try them over the weekend?

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    Rev Kianna and Akira

    They are just off Cambie and 16th in an 60's apartment building.

    Kianna is filipino and Akira is Japanesse.

    Kianna sound nice over the phone. When I arrive she tired to sell me an on Akira.

    Kianna had the prettier face of the two. Akira was rather homely so I chose Kianna. A mistake on my part.

    I paid brown and 4 greens for an hour with Kianna, she wasn't really into it. Lame message follow by CBJ, cowgirl. She should have left the bra on as they are saggy from nursing a child. Half-hour into the session she want to take a break and ask if I would mind if she smoked. I said "Yes" I do mind that you smoke, yet she came back with smoke and continue for 5 minutes before says her friend would finish me off for another brown and red.

    Akira asked brown and red but her performance was way better than Kianna. She rode me cowgirl style and gets into it. She pauses everytime she about to cum as her muscles tighten up and her body then quivers like it she was cold. I don't know who was servicing who but this girl hasn't has it for sometime. She came about 5 time in that session, then the dread knock on the door indicating times up. If there wasn't the knock on the door I am sure this girl was willing to ride me for more. I ask if she has had it before. She says some guys just get on top of her and and pound away and it hurts if is dry, that is why she pefers to be on top. She is a bit homely but enjoys what she does for a shy girl.

    Kianna L/A/S 6/5/4

    Akira L/A/S 4/7/8.5

    I am confused here? Should she be paying me? No I am just jealous that a girl could cum 5 times in one session.

    It is like my ex, dam I feel like I was used

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