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    Independent Reviews

    I notice a lot of reviews on the usual top 5 or so independent providers as well as those who work for agencies. What I rarely see however is any reviews of all the other independents who advertise in Monday Magazine. Perhaps my recent experience is why....

    Several weeks ago I planned a wonderful evening when one of those top five cancelled on me at the last minute. Not wanting to spend the night alone I decided to call a few of the independents from Monday Mag. After several attempts I reached someone named Janice. Her add stated that she was around 130, athletic, great measurements. Now I am not one who chooses a provider based entirely on appearence, but with these blind dates it is helpful to get as much info as you can. She said she was available ( my first clue), so I drove over to her place. It was late when I arrived. When she opened the door I was greated by a very large women, not even close to what was listed in the paper. NOw orinarily I would not have been so disturbed by this except that after her description was the words "accurate"! Anyway what can I say, it was late, I was horny and there I was. Not wanting to just turn around and head home with my five fingered friend, I stayed and tried to make the most of it. A big mistake, as I had the willy's the whole way home. When I arrived home I took a long hot shower and tried to wash of the experience (perhaps some of you SP can relate). As I said I am sire some fellow would have been thrilled, but its only fair to know what someone is going to look like when they open the door.

    Words of wisdom for future reference:
    One, ask someone over the phone to describe themselves.
    Two, don't ever be afraid to say sorry I must have the wrong address and go home with you $$ in you pocket to spend on another day.



    ps has anyone out there found a lovely indendent who keeps a low profile and only works part-time. I would be so greatful as a newcome to this lovely city for the tip.

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    Looks like a . . .

    buyer beware type of review... If there are no reveiws, there is likely a reason, eh!

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