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Thread: ISO a hardcore bj

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    Question ISO a hardcore bj

    I mean the kind where she s*cks your c**k right off. I love to get it this way especially if I am on top or standing. cbj is ok, it is the action that I am looking for.

    Give me your recommendations.

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    Question doesn't anyone like a great bj like I do?

    hard to believe that nobody can give me any feedback on this. Come on guys, help a guy out.

    PM me if you do not want to post.

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    Do a search on Sara on this board and the canine one as well. Go back as far as January.

    I have had the pleasure more than once and have never experienced the frustrations mentioned in some of the posts. YMMV

    Good luck and post a review.

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    The Canine one?

    Can you elaborate?

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    I'm not sure about rules of naming other boards here so I'll just call it 'The Large Hound'. Play with synonyms for words 2 & 3.

    Send me a PM if you need further help.

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    The name Sara (Lougheed Area) could be a synonym for "Hoover". BB if you're clean, no CIM, so let it go all over her....
    She's got a bit of a spotty rep, but I've not had a problem on any of my three visits. Now that Skytrain runs that way, she's in easy walking distance of Lougheed Mall station.

    Or maybe "Caress" in Maple Ridge. An older lady for sure, but an outstanding bbbj. I've only seen her once, but it was just fine. Very good, older (mid 40s?) frame. She said CIM was okay, but no swallows.

    Both advertise in the Buy & Sell.

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    Countryboy, try

    using the search button, 2nd one from left on top right hand corner. Type in bbbj and search.

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    Thanks for the replies. I will check Sara out. Did search Sara and it sounded like there were two. You are right, the one near the station has some bad reviews around showing up.

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    Hey Country Boy,

    Regarding Sara near Lougheed Mall, the reviews stating that she is enthusiatic and motivated are very true.... however, the reviews stating her unreliability are also true. If you want a Wham Bam Thank-you mam, then she's your type! Her looks were previously described like a skateboarder but IMHO she's definitely more like an older biker woman. Not Fat but definitely not slim and curvy!!! Anyways my experience with her was OK. She did not want to BBBJ despite being clean. YMMV!!! One last point.... she likes it fast and hard!!!!
    Getting Older & Wiser???

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    go to bex some of the girls there would do bbbj and the price is good too.

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