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    Talking Ms. Victoria Jolie

    So, it would appear that my infatuation with her photographs earned me a pseudo-invitation to see Ms. Jolie. I say “pseudo” because it was more like conceding to the hourly barrage of begging emails I sent her. And it came with the condition that I provide a reference.


    Ok, so who do I know that is mischievous enough to want to play a cruel practical joke on one of her fellow companions? Hmmmm… whoodeedoo indeed?

    So, somehow I weasel my way in, and when I arrive to see Ms. Jolie… wow. Just wow. In a cruel trick of her own, she’s even decided to wear the outfit in the pictures (the smooth, skintight red velour thing… complete with the undergarments and boots). And damn, fellas... damn damn damn.

    So, we’ve barely said “hello” and I’m all squirrelly, wanting to rub up against her right away. Ms. Jolie pulls me to her at the edge of the bed, wraps her arms and boot covered legs around me, and tries to calm me by firmly drawing me to her spectacular bosom.

    Yeah, that’ll calm me. Just like making out with me. And taking off that dress (although in fairness, that was the smart thing to do, ‘cause I was just about to chew it to shreds…). I’m a real Zen master right now.


    And, as she starts relieving my of my clothes, Ms. Jolie asks “Does Monsieur have any rules the lady should know about?”, to which I respond “Err… I don’t know… I don’t… NO – WAIT! Nothing in my bum, please. I don’t like things in my bum. Can we NOT put things in my bum?” To which she replies “Of course…”, and I sigh with relief. Still, with a moment of silence as the rabbit undressing ritual continues, it feels like I should reciprocate, and I ask rhetorically “Does the lady have any rules monsieur should know about…?”, to which she smiles, says “ummm… nope.” Ok, just so everyone is perfectly clear: it was said for effect (because she clearly does have rules that are well understood and respected). And her answer was indeed very effective, and given in a way that highlights how wonderfully playful she is….

    And the “effect” was to lead to some serious frolicking. Cramp-inducing frolicking. And boy, was that F-U-N.

    So, as I lie there, embarrassed and broken, Ms. Jolie snuggles up to me and chats for a while. I find her interesting… and sweet… and I would have been content to spend the rest of our time like that. But apparently intermission was over, and despite my repeated warnings to her… with a “you’re not done yet”, I’m ordered to get back to frolicking.

    And wouldn’t you know… she “got” me again. Huh.


    A little more snuggling, a little more chit chat, a lot more “happy”. But it was past my time to go, so I went.

    Ms. Jolie is brilliant company – gorgeous, sexy, generous, kind – everything you’d want in a lady friend (temporary or otherwise).

    Happy thumping, all!

    …and now I have to think of an awesome gift to thank my “sponsor”… perhaps something in red velour and a pony tail?

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    AWESOME review Fuzzy! But whats with this new rule of nothing in the bum....was it just an off time of the month, was uncle Floyd in town?

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    Is that from her January visit?
    Bobo The Rabbit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobo The Rabbit View Post
    Is that from her January visit?
    No, that was just from last Thursday. I've just been too pooped to write about it (or do much of anything, really) 'til now....

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