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Thread: zoe at prestige

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    zoe at prestige

    had a session with Zoe at prestige, the other day, very cute asian, very beautiful, and a model like body, massage was short, and average at best, went with a bj, f/s not on the agenda for her. Allright session, though massage could have been longer as i was out the door in less than 25mins.

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    Does that mean she dosent do FS at all? Was it just not offered? Did she give any reason why?
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    My sources tell me she's a very FS gal. Perhaps that time of month?

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    most likely it was that time of the month, as she mentioned that she couldn't do F/S currently, maybe next time I guess

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    Talking Zoe

    What a gal. I loved the little dress she wore. Barely covered her ass, and she has great legs/body/hair/face. Just a real sexy vamp. Had the hot tub, which she doesn't like much, according to her. Still she was lots of fun.

    Haven't seen Rebecca, but from the pictures I'd have to say Zoe rates right up there with her.

    She's a definite tease. No kissing or dfk but simulates BJ, DFK, tongue etc. and isn't afraid to be outright nasty with you if want to tease and play.

    Wish I could have done the gal some justice but for $$ it was a great time. I'd definitely see her again.
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