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Thread: ISO Baylee

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    ISO Baylee

    Is this girl still around? Contact info or website?

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    Post Baylee LeFever

    Go the (trb), click on "links" button and scroll down to "out of state visitors" for contact info.

    A 90 day search of the trb message board will result in ten messages including duo action with lovelee. Looks like contact is by email. She also attended the LMR and Spring Fling in Seattle . . . very hot looking lady.

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    If you are asking about Baylee LeFever, I just saw her last month. I missed her when she came through town last week but I am planning on seeing her as soon as she comes back. Baylee is as good as it gets. She really has no limits except for Greek. Besides being hot, her skills are exceptional. I know she tours quite a bit in the states....I don't know if she comes up to Canada but if she doesn't consider the exchange rates and the going rate up in BC, then she might be on the high side. Her rates are $300USD. But if money is no object, then she is a great experience and I have no problem highly recommending her. You can email her at [email protected] and inquire whether she comes up North.

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