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Thread: Best Corn Hole In The City?

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    Best Corn Hole In The City?

    My pooning partner IC is looking for an SP that takes it in the corn hole! Any suggestions?
    Your Friend,


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    Of all the users on this board! Hamster, you should be using the search function! Look for greek, anal, and as you so eloquently put it, cornhole.

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    Apparently Jennifer in New Westminster specialises in greek. I've been dying to try her out but have $$ problems for now. Let me know how it works out if you give her a try

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    Has anyone tried "JOY'S GREEK PLEASURES" from the B&S
    Specializing in greek. 604-443-7271

    I am interested in trying Jennifer, but I once saw here web site and there looks like there have been some km's logged. If some one can even give me a hint of hope, I will take the plunge this afternoon.

    Help need some greek


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