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Thread: SEARCH function!

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    Question SEARCH function!

    I've noticed now more than ever before that the search button is underused. It is the second button in, near the top right corner. People, how do you feel?

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    I think it'd be helpful if the search button was somehow set off more, so it stood out. I know, even though I use it, I'm always kind of looking for it rather than having it leap out at me.

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    Search button

    Hey, I used it, and tried several different word combinations, but didn't come up with anything substantial. Besides, I asked for opinions in my post.

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    I use a laptop, and the search button is located so far to the right of the screen that I don't even see it unless I manually shift the screen to that side. I think it could be moved and made more visible.

    However, there is a certain element of humanity that gets its jollies just from seeing the post on the screen. These people will ask the question rather than search no matter how easy you make it.

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    Hey Big Trapper,

    Sounds like you need to turn up the resolution on your pooter. If you have an external video port, maybe a large screen high resolution monitor? Or maybe just a new pooter?


    I agree that info could be missing on the free form reviews that they have here. I like the idea of a standardized review form, or a template that everyone can fill out. This could then be followed by additional info where you could add comments. I also like the option of open discussion, like we are having now. This helps to keep people honest. Unfortunately it is not available on TER.

    I have to disagree about the search function issue. There is no reason why you couldn't search for a name, number, and/or any other keywords. You just have to type it into the search field. IMO PERB has a superior search function. For example, someone has a particular fetish, and they are looking for the SP to be located downtown. They could easily search for it on PERB. How would you search for that on TER?

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    I didn't miss your point. If you review my first paragraph to you, you'll see that I agreed that info is being missed. I only disagreed with your opinion that the PERB search function "is a joke". The search function was what the original topic was all about, and I was trying to redirect the topic back to that. I feel that discussion on how PERB could be improved should be another thread. If you started it, I'm sure it would be pretty popular.

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