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    Question ISO: Long-Term Recommendations

    Hi, I'll be in Vancouver soon for a weekend and wanted to find a top-fight escort for at least an overnight, maybe the weekend. Money's not an issue, but would require that she be bright, fun, a good conversationalist, a GFE, and sensual. DFK and BBBJ a must.
    Any recommendations you gentlemen may give would be greatly appreciated. Hope to return the favor some day.

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    358 reads and not one response on the board... I may be setting a record soon! Of course, responding to my own thread doesn't count...

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    I have not met any Vancouver girls that fit everything on your list, although there must be some. Taylor has some pretty hot reviews. Perhaps one or two of the Victoria area ladies may consider heading over for a weekend thing, especially once they see your first comment...."money isnt an object". Tawny or Nicole Lace come to mind, they are both very good. By reputation only, Paige may be your gal as well. Victoria is only a twenty minute flight away, harbour to harbour, so maybe you go there for the evening? There is frequent, scheduled, inexpensive floatplane and expensive helicopter service.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, they are really appreciated. If I can be of service to you with information in another part of the world (US, Europe, Asia), I hope you won't hesitate to ask.


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    I know of a lady that would be great for what your looking for even maybe more. She is 19, blonde petite. Tanned. tight in more then one way. shes a cutie. Great conversations. she puts more effort then has to. I dont think she does bbbj but iam sure if you paid more then usual she might. I dont have the cash for that personally. so i got stuck with the cbj which WAS WOW> shes good with her mouth. she can fit a whole 8 inch in her mouth maybe more. lol i was amazed. iam a regular of hers. enjoy her alot.!

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    Trooper, thanks for the thought, however I've already booked my weekend. Must admit I'd feel like I was with a child if I booked a 19 year old... I'm obviously a lot older than you! Also, I'll admit that knowing she'd dealt with an 8-incher would make me feel quite insecure... Thanks though!

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