I read back in December that Victoria would be in Edmonton so I booked her right then, it was easy and fast as she is really organized when it comes to her PMs/emails/voice mail.
I have had a hard time many times booking local girls or visiting girls and they have several people handling bookings where as Victoria does it all on her own.

Went with the first appointment once she arrived into Edmonton and got settled in. I arrived on time at her nice down town hotel and was given her room number. Walked in and was greeted by one of the most beautiful women I have seen anywhere. Now there have been a few girls on PERB who are photo shop queens (you know the ones), Victoria is not. Her pictures are her and she looks that amazing in person.

There is a reason she has never gotten a bad review as she is one of the very few girls who will NEVER have a "off day" as she is honestly dedicated to making you happy. I think the biggest testament to this fact is that her rate all over Canada is 325 and her rate for fort mac/Grand prairie is only 350, only 25 more. Where as every other girl I have ever come across views fort mac as a place to price gouge and a chance to rake in the money, Victoria shows her class by hardly even adjusting her rate.

Her flight from out west was delayed and she rented a car and drove to Calgary so she could be there, I mean that is just Incredible. Most SPs would blow off their appointments and just say to us guys "shit happens" or "I have a real life too", and a canceled flight is a VERY legitimate reason for missing appointments.

She had a smile on her face the entire time I was with her and she just makes you feel great. She offers the full GFE and some PSE items as stated on her web site. Even chatting with her after was enjoyable.

Don't let her rate of 325 scare you away, you are going to have a astounding time with her and lets face it, how many girls are 100% for sure going to be top notch every time? I know some times we think its better to try out a girl at a low rate, but lets face it we have all had a lot of bad or just lack luster sessions at lower rates, here is a girl that is worth more then her rate.
Book her now, she is still here for today and tomorrow.

I know I will be seeing her many more times.