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Thread: need attorney/lawyer for canadian citizenship

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    need attorney/lawyer for canadian citizenship

    u.s. is experiencing triple conservative republican president, congress, court. american citizen want to know the difficulty of getting canadian citizenship if i have problems in u.s. or canada. cost and affect of record on person. how does that affect getting employment in canadian government, housing, parental rights, income taxation, student college financial aid, etc. thanks.
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    Asianleah I think you may have the wrong board for that question. My guess is you are the SF AsianLeah. You can always cum north for a visit to Vancouver to test the market. We have a large Asian population like SF. And I for one love the ladies. You may find our pricing a little lower but then its worth it to live here.

    For immigration I suggest you start with clicking on the attached link and then search immigration. It tells you the basics on policy. The next step is to search the web for immigration lawyers in Vancouver. I believe there are a few Asian ones here. Of course if you visit us you can check them out. By the way the customs officers frown on visits from people in certain professions.
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    Hi I have had a very good experience with this firm. They specialize in difficult cases. Bet of Luck to you!


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    i might be able to help

    i may be able to help with your visit north of the border contact me for more info.

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