Rob Ford: Charlie Sheen tweets message to mayor

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[QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1454033][QUOTE][SIZE=3][B]Rob Ford: Charlie Sheen tweets message to mayor[/B][/SIZE]
Troubled actor Charlie Sheen took to Twitter on Thursday to respond to a satirical article that said Sheen had called for Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s resignation.

The full (unedited) message from Charlie Sheen, delivered via TwitLonger.

dear Mayor Rob Ford,
the only truth or correct reporting in today's
repulsive story regarding
my alleged comments about you,
is the accurate spelling of your great city.
your personal life is and never would be,
any of my business.
I'm sorry for any grief this may have caused.
if I can be of any assistance
in any capacity in this
media cesspool,
please accept the noble offer of my steady
hand and compassionate heart.
charlie sheen.



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