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You have booked an appointment with your dream girl and have followed the Ladies directions to get to her area so you can call for the address. Now, BEFORE you make this call, make sure you have already gone to the bank machine. You can leave your wallet in the car, just make sure to take the money with you!

You call the lady and inform her you are parked. She may ask a "security question" then gives you the address.

Now, how long does it take you to get to her building to buzz her?

#1. Once you have the address you are expected to arrive within 5 minutes, UNLESS you inform the Lady you will be longer.
#2. Do not decide to change your parking spot because you think it might cut down on "walking time". If (for whatever reason) you decide to
park somewhere else, PLEASE, call and let the lady know.
#3. Do not take the last few minutes in your car to to dose yourself in cologne. Expensive or otherwise. It stinks up everything....the sheets, my lingerie and the bedroom.
Most professional ladies will offer her bathroom facilities to you and keep them clean and well stocked. USE THE SUPPLIES OFFERED. They are there for YOU. Also, some ladles are sensitive to scents.

The point I am trying to make is that professional ladies have security steps and directions for parking that make things easier for YOU and safer for us. That time in between giving you our address and then waiting for you to arrive can feel like a long time prompting ladies to call back and ask if you are lost.

The reason I care about where you park is because I do not want you worried the entire session that your car will be ticketed, towed or vandalized.

end rant.
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