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I've never been with an SP. After a ton of prowling around various boards I finally found a girl I thought I'd like to visit on a trip to VanCity. I tend be attracted to shorter, cute, curvy girls around my age as opposed to the younger, waif thin, model types.

I contacted PlayfulAlex and she was quick to respond and we set a date. Her directions were concise and I found her place easily. Free parking on site also. I gotta say I was nervous as shit until she open the door. Dressed as advertised in heels and lingerie; a black bra, panties and stockings. Long wavy blond hair, smokey bedroom eyes and a sweet, sexy voice. A very pretty face, sultry smile and not a lot of makeup which is what I like.

She immediately put me at ease with eye contact, some small talk while gently caressing my shoulders. We took care of the donation which I needed prompting (HH for a brown) and I apologized as the blood was rushing from my head. We did a quick tour of her place which was uber clean and had a ton of candles going. A very Zen vibe in her place for sure. We did a little touching in the kitchen and then she turned on some music and we moved to her bedroom.

More caressing and some toy play revealed kegel muscles that would come close to cracking walnuts! The intimacy felt genuine; what I'd classify as GFE. Her light moaning was not over done.

Her body appears much younger than her advertised mid 40s and her firm boobs defy gravity with nice responsive nipples. Her ass, oh her ass is spectacular; the kind you can bounce a quarter off. Firm and round. Her kitty is clean shaven and has nice, small pink lips. I won't go into the graphic details of the visit but she was a nice balance of assertiveness (keeping things moving along) and attentive to what I was looking for and she complied with all my requests. This girl is a real pro and a credit to her trade. If I lived in the same city as her, I'd have an empty wallet for sure.

The only downside was her cell phone that went off (sounded like a *ding* an egg timer makes) close to the end of our time which I thought at first was a timer for my visit. It kinda threw me for a loop but I went into this very naive and appreciate Alex popping my pooner cherry in the way she did.

Will I repeat? Hell yeah!
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