2019 Visits

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I mostly visited SP Iíve previously seen and for a number of years such as Daphnee, Sydney and Sophie. I totally recommend all the ladies on the list. A couple of new ones to me being Emma and Sabrine. Great times!

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2019 was an interesting year seeing some of my all time fav SPís and being in some sugar baby arrangements. The visits with the SPís were all great dates while the SBís had mixed results.

It was the year of repeats quite a few times with some great SP's.

Sabrine Scott

I met Sabrine very early in 2019 and if I recall, I may have been her first client. She was a natural and a lot of fun to be with. Sheís a naturally happy person who was very enthusiastic each time I saw her. You can't help but smile when you're with Sabrine.


Emma Cassel

I noticed a bit of banter here on Perb in the 411 and on Twitter about a Parisian babe known as Emma. All the comments were excellent from credible pooners. I immediately booked a date with Emma. I have seen her once and will reconnect again in 2020. She is a a lot of fun!


Elena Rivera

I reconnected with Elena in 2019 and had a lot of fun with her. I recall I had my massage oil and seeing the oil on her fabulous body is a total Schwing event for me.


Sophie short term visitor - There are several reviews here about Sophie and all are excellent. I saw Sophie three times in 2019 and will repeat again in 2020. She's fun, playful and hold on boy, she can ride

Sydney Taylor : There are many great reviews about my experiences and other very credible clients. I've visited Sydney on about 75% of her visits to Vancouver. Count me in a as a very happy client and without a doubt, she is one of my all time favourites since I started here on Perb. My experience with her are as good as it gets in a GFE. I can't recollect times I felt this good with civilian sex.


Daphnee Francoise aka Chloe Rose. I think I started seeing Daphnee in 2014 and do recall it was Rememberance Day because I went to the Cenotaph the same day. Dates with Daphnee are different every time and that is what we like about the experiences. It's never stale and quite rewarding for me. It can be low an slow like good barbecue or more frisky depending on our mood those dates. These days, I like to incorporate an outside activity with her like Yoga, Lunch or Dinner.