2019 PERB Unofficial Hiatus

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Normally I do a bit Year In Review but unfortunately 2019 was a weird year for me. I travelled a lot, had to address some issues in my personal life, and had some health problems to deal with as well (Nothing serious or contagious!) So, even though I can never see myself fully retiring from the hobby, I have to limit it, at least until I have my life back the way I like it.

I did happen to see:

1 Pixxie 6456 (2x)
2 Lyla 6456
3 Feather 6456 (2x)
4 Catwoman 4U
5 Lexci (Victoria, BC)
6 Bella Lea (Victoria, BC)(3x)
7 Adriana 6456

I believe Lyla is now retired, but was definitely one of my ATF's in terms of chemistry. Had an awesome time with Catwoman, and will definitely see her again. Bella Lea was just an awesome lady, a gem on the island for sure. Miss her! Feather at the 6456 is a stunner who I happen to get along with and am extremely attracted to.

We'll see what 2020 brings - Thanks to all contributors for making my choices easier
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