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Betty @ AF - not as advertised

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Nowhere did we say she has a strong accent, not everyone does. She speaks fluent English, and she's originally from the UK, not China. Exactly as advertised in the title of the ad.

If she slept in and didn't have time to get her makeup together then we certainly apologize for that as we were not aware of this.

She doesn't have a "boss", but yes if we found out a client was not getting their full time of course we would not be happy about it.

There is no misrepresentation at all.

I spoke to her about this and I think there is some misunderstanding.

I'll just post her comments directly... As she can speak for herself on this matter.

Quote Originally Posted by Betty

He said he can do it 90 mins non stop .... I said impossible.

How can I keep fucking 90 mins without a break... after that I cant work anymore... and this I what I was thinking .. but I didn't say that.

He say can fuck for 90 mins ... he ask me :do you think Iím a liar? I say I believe you can ...

After he say something about UK ... I said what problem about the UK ??? From the UK means I can keep fucking 90 mins non stop ?? I'm not a machine
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