Addison Cortez

Companionship and What it Means to Me

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To start with, let me say... I’ve been around a while and I have also “been around.”

I’ve experienced a lot, in a lot of different aspects. I can adapt to much... (although I prefer to in my own time)

Companionship has become my life. I am a good companion. I believe companionship goes both ways, and I consider my clients as my companions, as they do me. (Unintentional punn).

I feel that I have different types of relationships, with many different men and yes, yes it does comfort me as I am single, and I go to sleep, alone, every single night, for the past three and half years. (Minus one amazing allnighter with a Domme, in my personal life). Being a companion gives me the sexual and, on occasion, the emotional comforts that I often need, personally. I’ve realized my devotion to my “career”, and I have discovered that I do not have time for a personal relationship and I find it’s “being there” for my clients that inspires me to “do my job”.

I am here for one thing, and one thing alone, companionship. I offer (almost) everything. I’m building a retreat specifically for rest, sex and rejuvenation. Places can not be built, without cash. I can’t afford the phone, that “my companions” reach me on, without cash. I can’t feed this body, these muscles, without cash. I can’t pay for an incall, without cash. I can’t drive my car, for a special trip, without cash. The only reason you (would) know me is because I am a paid companion (and with good reason).

Being a companion is very costly. Legally, we’re required to pay for a business license, incall space (apart from our personal space) and all supplies, advertising etc etc.

Aside from the financial pressures, there are the personal ones.

I started seeing a man in August, of 2017. He would call me, to his home, once a month. I moved to the coast and let him know that I would make a special trip, anytime he wanted to see me. I happened to be in Kamloops, and because I have permission to contact him, I messaged him that I am in town, in case he was interested in seeing me while I was in town. He asked if I was “interested in some fun ‘off the clock’”. The ‘relationship’ as agreed is now over and now 14 months of time together is ended and thrown into the “memories” album.

It doesn’t matter, how much I like you, I am not allowed to ask more of my “companions” and, as I have stated, companionship is a two way street.

I’m lucky, and, extremely blessed, to be able to differentiate between personal and professional lust, and grow as a ‘person’ in my sex life/“career."
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