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Thanks for pointing that out. That will save many a trip who have already seen her. So do the service change so much to warrant a steep rate hike? I just don't get it. Many SPs, as soon as they go Indy start charging much more than with agencies. I understand that they have to manage everything themselves but they also keep everything. Bottom line is what is in it for hobbyists?
There really is no comparison going from an agency where the agency may keep up to half of the donation to becoming self employed and keeping the entire amount. Paying incall fees, overhead and all expenses are all within the Indy SP's control. Some Agency SP prefer not having to worry about this overhead but on the other hand may have to see clients that they do not enjoy seeing and work set hours. Indy's control who they see and when they work.

Kate does not have to justify the donation. Life is all about choices for everyone.

Pooners make the choice either to pay the donation or find someone else they like within their budget. Personally, I chose to Poon less often so I can have multiple hour dates with SP's I enjoy.


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    The adage applies when you find an SP who repeatedly provides a great experience; it is worthy of fostering that relationship and pay the rate increase. Chasing value for money doesn't work for either the SP or the client and makes it merely a transaction rather than a memorable experience.