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Phony booking epidemic

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Have I just pissed someone off again, or are other SPs noticing an increase in phony bookings too? I am averaging 1 per day lately, & it's getting tiresome, to say the least. I have taken 10 days off this month & you don't get sick leave with this gig. Some of us aren't working OTHER jobs so we can afford the latest in luxuries; we are providing for our family & hoping to pay rent on time!

Phony bookings hurt everyone. They make me less trustful of new clients trying to book without references because I am sick unto death of making a 2.5 hour commute to my in call for nothing! It's happened 3 times already this week. Fortunately, I have salvaged most of my trips thanks to a few dear regulars...but month end is coming, & my landlord doesn't seem inclined to wait....funny how that works, huh? how's YOUR Hump Day working out?
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