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Do you ever see a girl on the street and think “HOLY ****…she must be taken….”

I get that a lot. I feel embarrassed when a man walks into something because he was staring at me….

I’m educated and (somewhat) talented in the arts. I have experience in all areas of society and business. My life experiences have made me the woman I am today. I am fit, strong, active, healthy, clean, fun, positive and always looking for a good quality friendship. I enjoy helping people and make an effort to make people smile in my every day life. I have knowledge in health, wellness and natural living. I have experience in physical, mental and spiritual training. I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and even hunting. I can ski a little but prefer to break my own trail, somewhere quieter, where I will be able to find some tracks in the snow and possibly the wildlife that left them there. Ice fishing is one of my more favourite winter pastimes but nothing beats making a good snow angel. Summertime interests are endless but I can catch, gut a fish, chop the firewood and build a fire allbymyself.
My favourite things to do are most enjoyable with good and fun company. I have always enjoyed myself physically and am so fit I am able to orgasm with muscle movement alone. My body is well maintained and sensual to the touch. I took beauty school, as well as gymnastics, dance and grew up being a star athlete in many sports teams. I know how to take care of myself and I know how to take care of you. Man or woman, I can help you feel better in any way you request me to.
I’m self employed through and through. I do this, as well as a toxin free and natural wellness business(PM for more information). I am a property owner and am planning a business project on that, as well as starting a safe place for ladies to practice their skills.
Thank you for taking an interest in my ad and I look forward to accommodating all that you wish to challenge me with.
My name is Addi. I can provide you with your deepest desires to your wildest fantasies and most everything in between.
I offer everything from private dances to BDSM and role playing. Requests are welcome and appreciated.

Lady Addison provides your dinner or weekend getaways along with private dances and sensual massage @250/hr, while Miss ViXiE must be prearranged for training sessions @400/hr.
Weekend/day or overnight rates are now available upon request. Incall possible also.
Thank you for taking time to look at my ad.

Please text to book a meet. 7786949171

*** addicortez kamloops on Facebook or SnapChat for more information (friends and followers are kept private)

I would love to hear from you if only to say hello. I appreciate and value attention given to me and generously reciprocate the gesture.
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    I started in the industry 16 years ago. I left the business, after a few years, although maintaining a few key relationshipsI left to pursue other interests and recently came back to the sex trade in the summer of 2017.