2017 PERB Year In Review

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girth-brooks 2017 Year in review

SPs I saw in 2017:

1 Marissa Fox (2x)
2 Brianna Rayne
3 Lyla 3538/6456 (13x)
4 Lolita Star
5 Skyler Mack (3x)
6 Lyaa xo (Visiting from Montreal)
7 Nivea 3538/6456*
8 Desiray
9 Adriana Luxx (Visiting from Toronto)
10 Veronica 3538/6456
11 Chanel Charms
12 Gemma*
13 Sasha Nat (2x)
14 Sweet Adelaide Jones
15 Vivien Vixen 3538/6456
16 Alisha 3538/6456
17 Selina Latina
18 Kara

19 Nikki Minks (2x)


This year was more of a ďstick to what you knowĒ in the sense that I didnít really venture away from my regulars that much. That being said, I was really happy with the new SPs that I met and am looking forward to seeing them much more in 2018. I really enjoyed most of every one on this list, but if I had to give some general suggestions, below are my recommendations:

Top 3 Best Looking: Adriana Luxx, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Lyaa xo

Top 3 Best Service: Marissa Fox, Skyler Mack, Alisha 3538

Top 3 Best Attitude: Marissa Fox, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Selina Latina

Best Body (Athletic): Nivea 3538, Alisha 3538 , Adriana Luxx
Best Body (Natural / Healthy): Marissa Fox, Skyler Mack, Lyla 3538
Best Breasts (Natural): Marissa Fox, Adrianna Luxx,
Best Breasts (Enhanced): Nivea 3538, Lyaa xo, Alisha 3538
Nicest Ass: Selina Latina, Lyla 6456, Sweet Adelaide Jones
Best BJ: Lolita Star, Alisha 3538, Brianna Rayne

Top 3 Most Romantic (i.e. classy & stylish: appearance, attitude, clean incall, etc.): Marissa Fox, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Selina Latina
Top 3 Best first impressions: Selina Latina, Sasha Nat, Adriana Luxx
Top 3 Most Feisty/Dominant: Skyler Mack, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Nivea 3538
Top 3 Agency Girls: Alisha, Veronica, Lyla (all at 3538)

ATF: Lyla 3538 - Although very GND, I had the best chemistry and the most satisfying experiences with her. She is a soft-spoken sweetheart.
Rookie of the Year: Sasha Nat - European, open minded, classy, charming, good sense of humour - overall gem. Glad I TOFTT!

Thanks to all of the ladies I saw - you are all unique in your sessions.

Special thanks to all resourceful PERB contributors

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