Five Years On PERB - What Iíve Learned

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Itís hard to believe that I have been online with this website for 5 years now. When I first got in to seeing SPs, I admittedly didnít know what I was getting into. Was it going to be a now and then thing? Would I see a few and that would be the end of it? Quite honestly, itís been life changing. I have learned a lot about women, I have learned a lot about myself, and now I am not sure if there is any turning back. I've been reflecting a lot lately and wanted to blog a few things that people on here that people may find insightful.

Not Everything is What it Seems (Good and Bad)
Without review websites, I think most of us would be lost. Imagine seeing girls based on ads with absolutely no information? Itís a two way street: There are ones out there that have a sterling reputation and are worth every penny and there are the ones that are pure ripoff artists, give bad service, or can potentially leave you in a dangerous situation. Reviews and networking has given me the right kind of information to give me what I am looking for, good or bad and it has paid off for me to do my homework.

The Price Is Right
We all have different tastes in what we are looking for, the big three being looks, service and attitude. My mindset is finding the best of all three at a price that I can afford. Some girls have flashy looks and a high rate and donít deliver. Some are less flashy and deliver in spades. Itís all about what you think your experience is worth. I wonít see a girl at a higher price point unless I know sheís going to deliver exactly what I want. The higher the rate, the more comparisons I make. If she charges ďXĒ is she going to be better than a SP that charges ďYĒ?

Ethics has been brought up in another thread and I believe they are a very important to both client and SP. I donít see anyone who is unhealthy, nor do I see them if I am unhealthy. I donít see anyone who is potentially being exploited, as in, doing something against their will. I believe strongly in respect, both to me and the SP that I am seeing. I always have a conversation with someone new and go over exactly what she does and doesnít like. To me, I want both of us to be as comfortable as possible and wouldnít want to be surprised halfway into anything. In reality, the SP is 100% in control of the session, no matter what was said in the ad. They have the right to do what is comfortable to them and therefore clarity in consent is paramount.

Delivering the Goods
My commitment as a client: Be clean, be on time, have the donation ready, communicate if there is something that was legitimately unforeseen, be mindful of time and be a gentleman. My only expectation of an SP going into a session, whether she is a regular or brand new: Be clean (body and incall), be professional, be honest is what you advertise, be safe and have a positive attitude. I have been on well over 100 dates and I would say almost all have been great when both I and the SP invest in this mindset.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
One of my biggest regrets has been missed opportunities. Procrastinating on seeing some new SPs, and not repeating enough with my favourites. Although some of the greats have stood the test of time, you'd be shocked at some of the good ones that were only around for a few months to a year and a bit. Retirement, boyfriends, marriage, school, or just wanting to go a different path in life. Nothing lasts forever, so seize the opportunity and don't put off seeing a good one. You never know if/when you'll see her again!

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    Excellent post GB.

    Nothing more to add since you did it so eloquently.
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    Cheers, BBB.