2017 BBB visits

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(my humble offering after reading WS's 2017 list)

BBB's Redux dates with a number of the best of the best companions, in my opinion that Vancouver has to offer. All of these ladies are worthy of a look if you have not seen them. I've repeated with all of them multiple times.

Anna Bellucci – many dates including a hotel dinner date too! Truly one of the best SP's I've met since 2014.
Catherine James – what more can be said about CJ? A fun sexy date with a great sense of humour.
Sasha Carmelle - a definite repeat. Smart and super sexy and a very fun date!
Sweet Adelaide Jones - once in a duo and now twice one on one. Super fun, down to earth and HIGH energy
Sweet Bree - a lovely lady, super sexy and is always a fun GFE
Scarlette Rose – a very sexy hotel date including dinner. SR is not only gorgeous but truly one of nicest SP I've met.
Sydney Taylor – multiple dates including a hotel date. We just have this great energy together and I try to see her on every visit.
Tarai Sahari duo with Alanah Ramos - Two very sexy, hot young women who are fun one on one or in duos.

Two visiting SP’s who are DNR. I have repeated with them multiple times this year both here and in Toronto.

Also BBB's fav massage SP who is well known, yet is DNR. Many dates. So much fun!

and two local SP who have either gone on a long hiatus or are now fully retired. They most likely would not appreciate being brought up again so they can remain retired.

New to BBB in 2017 – some with multiple repeats….

Aisha Almeida - once only and will definitely repeat. Hot hot body, fun in bed and had great sex skills.
Alanah Ramos - fantastic GFE with probably one of the hottest all natural bodies - ever!
Alina Page - one date and she has gone now. Truly a fun afternooner.
Fiona Malloy - multiple dates, super sexy and gives/receives like that great GF well all have met.
Inaya Byrnes - once only. I was super stressed but she had that fun calming way about her. I'll def repeat.
Lilly Leger - one date so far. Super high energy and loves getting as well as giving. Great date and I will repeat.
Melanie Campo - couple times so far. Fun to be around, super sexy and a killer body plus great sex skills.
Nadia Z aka Rubberragdoll - a very fun date, a petite sexy sexy body with a great attitude and service.
Natalia Wolfe - I saw her many times though out the summer. Fun, sexy and a great GFE. Real nice spinner body.
Sabrina Lei - once so far. I had lots of fun with her and she was 100% engaged the entire 90 minutes. Great sexy date!
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  1. girth-brooks's Avatar
    Outstanding ladies - thanks for the summaries, BBB
  2. badbadboy's Avatar
    Thanks Girth!

    I look forward to your annual list for 2017!

    It's always a good read and gives good ideas on who to visit