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Latest Confessions of a Cougar Call Girl: The Baptism of Mira Lynne

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The Baptism of Mira Lynne (Apr 23, 2016)
It all started with a simple question. As these things generally begin, this was innocent, I suppose. Due to a plethora of requests, I was looking for duo partners who could be available when my regular partner was not…daytimes during the week, mostly. I had several very enthusiastic replies from well-reviewed and attractive women, but none that spoke so clearly to what I was after than Mira Lynne. She expressed a desire to be my plaything; that was too tempting for a true cougar like me to resist…we do love to play with our food before we devour it!

Mira is simply lovely in body, mind & spirit; she also has amazing tits & a smackable, wiggly ass. An intelligent & charming young woman, she seems much wiser than her twenty-three years would indicate. She is a student of psychology who genuinely engages with people she encounters. She is sexy without being obvious about it in even in the most casual settings. I was waiting for the perfect chance to get her naked & let her discover what it means to be my plaything. This week, that opportunity arose.
I had met Bucket List a few weeks back, though it feels as though I have known him for ages. We are so comfortable together; it’s like hooking up with an old lover again when he comes to visit. He likes to take things slow & easy at the start but he also likes extended sessions; such a luxury leads to an ease with each other. He is a Silver Fox, and he makes me laugh. He requested that I set up a duo for Friday afternoon on his most recent trip; it would be our third duo since our meeting. Three duos: three women, & the third time was definitely the charm.

Mira met us, smiling, at the door, despite our being 30 minutes tardy. Totally my fault for miscalculating when our movie would let out, and I gave her a heads’ up as we left & again when we were in the elevator up to her place. We hadn’t even had to look for a parking spot, just into the secured underground & we were on our way up! She met us at the door, a diminutive vision in black stretch lace & high heeled black peep-toe patent leather heels. Deep warm kisses all around, when I decided that I would leave Mira & BL alone to get acquainted. I left them alone & headed to the very well-appointed bathroom for a hot shower. I LOVE that the bathroom at Mira’s has a shower/bathtub big enough for two, but I didn’t want to get distracted by any naughty soapy fun. When I returned to the living room, Mira was sitting in BL’s lap; her little hands were busy, so it was easy enough to convince them to join me in the bedroom.

Three hours flew by in a haze of passion & delight. BL is one of those men who prefers to focus on his partners’ pleasure; how could Mira & I disappoint him? I must say, those big brown eyes look delightful peering up from between my thighs! She was as keen to return the oral attention as she was to get it, much to my literal delight. She likes it, and she does it well! According to BL, she is equally skilled at sucking cock. She looks good doing that, too, with my beautifully manicured hands holding her long dark hair pulled back from her face. At about the 90-minute mark I went to the kitchen to get us all a glass of water, which would come in handy shortly. BL said to me “Why don’t you show Mira how you like to cum best?” Well, how does a girl resist an invitation like that?

I lay on my back, with my trusty Iconic Wand in hand. (Lighter than the classic Magic Wand, it has the added bonus of being both cordless and USB rechargeable! Who doesn’t want a vibe they can charge in the car?) Mira had a toy of her own, which BL encouraged her to use in my pussy & direct towards my G-spot. Waves of delight rippled through me as I showed off for the newest member of my fan club.

“My God, Erica, you’re so wet!” she exclaimed, her face inches from my newly trimmed but still natural pussy.
“It’s about to get a whole lot wetter, “I informed them in between gasp & whimpers.
Then, before I could warn them properly, I was cumming, hard, & as the dildo slid out of my spasming pussy & my back arched, a copious jet of fluid splashed Mira right in the face!

And breasts. And tummy. I might have gotten a little in her mouth too, since it was wide open in surprise…She sat there speechless for a moment, blinking, as my juices dripped down her face, and BL howled at the results of his labours. I joined in, and after a minute, Mira joined in with a big grin on her face! It was a brand new & spontaneous experience for her, and I am positive she liked it, since we could not persuade her to put her clothes back on & stop distracting us. While I went to refill our water glasses (since I was down a quart!), Mira got busy robbing BL of a few of his vital essences with those VERY clever hands of hers. The afternoon had flown by in a whirl of giving & receiving orgasms, laughter & a whole lot of baptising Mira Lynne.