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A new friend keeps asking me what my days are like, so I was writing ideas down for a vlog and thought would share as a blog.

Wake up.. shower, check 411, ter and fb/ twitter all social medias

Updates, view likes & notifications/ emails... breakfast & coffee

(gym) before make up, or post and start day

Lunch rush apts, or if not then will try again later and enjoy my free time ..
(usually with more social media or hang outside or check my fav vegan cafe)

Late afternoon usually consists of errands or gym, getting food order.. upgrading myself or the space.. trips to love shop.. shoot some clips if I have ideas or are bored. Cleaning and laundry. Hair, nails and spray tans.

I love getting massages or planning a tour. Usually Toronto but would love to expand. See where there are events, veg fests or fetish parties.. maybe go hang at oasis for a day. In the Summer I shoot lots in my mermaid tank for underwater fetish- or if I need some time off but still want to be productive I'll set up a photo shoot to have some new images to play with. Art museums or Cn tower are enjoyable. And of course we can't leave out shopping- which does take up a lot of my time .. but it's a vice I try to keep to a minimum lol. Live loud without going totally broke right (working on it!)

Evening is decent for guests, and after refreshing makeup and a healthy dinner its game on. I like to try and be avail through out the day- which kind of breaks up my time and gives me rest in between. For fetish clients it allows me to have extra time to be creative or get into character when it's not back to back. I follow demand while trying to enjoy my days and sometimes eve. It's a huge juggling act but definitely better than 9-5. I'm also a huge movie buff!! As for body art I space out tattoos since can be painful and are tough to work when their healing. If my sugar daddy has just spoiled me I like to hit consignment stores to stretch my dollar and find vintage designer swag, or go to my fav lingerie store downtown and see what kind of cute stuff they have. Taking a pole class isn't out of the question either, but since SP work offers more money I usually stick to spin or body pump which keeps my curves totally bangin'
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