Twitter habits that turn guys off

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I love, love providers who are vocal on Twitter about their politics, their beefs, their favourite TV shows, their turnoffs, their bad dates, their good dates... it's all good to me. It doesn't have to be all booty shots and lingerie. I find that following certain women on Twitter allows for a much deeper understanding of that SP before a date, and vice-versa, making the encounter that much more special and comfortable.
Thank you. Sometimes the experienced gents here don't realize that the vast majority of those contacting us and constantly DMing/texting, or trying to chat with us on twitter/phone all day every day are from newbies who have never seen an escort, and have no intention of booking an escort.

Guys also have the review forums to bitch about SPs and every little thing they didn't get and didn't like in the session. It is highly discouraged for ladies to even respond or defend themselves in reviews and can more often than not be damaging to engage. I hope everyone knows that not every client reviewing an SP was a perfect gentleman or telling the truth either. And not all of the regular board members would even know what others are doing behind the scenes, so it's not like this behaviour ever gets better or stops. That's a big concern unfortunately with an anonymous community where the women pay to advertise, and it's free for the men to join and critique. Twitter is free for everyone and you plug in to who you want, and ignore who you don't want and puts everyone on equal footing.

For us it is absolutely mind boggling why we can go through so much time and effort to write professional websites, pay thousands for professional photos and put all the info in our ads and receiving mostly 1 liner texts and emails like yo babe u avail now? or hey send face pics is that really you? Those of us who a professional and prompt make it insanely easy to actually see us if you follow the directions, but they rarely get followed by newbies or occasional clients. We are a sure thing, so it's bizarre how little effort some can put into a booking request and expect us to jump and bend over backwards. I'm sure the SPs will agree when they were new maybe they did try that approach, answering every single vague inquiry, trying to spoon feed those who can't be bothered and realize those people are just impossible to book and not serious.

I know some guys really don't care and don't want to hear it, but if we sat around pretending that everyone is amazing and everything is all flowers, wouldn't it seem ultra fake? Would you feel special at all if we said every client was the best client ever and our lives were perfect? Twitter is often a two way street of interacting with people. If all SPs just stuck to marketing and selfies no one would stand out from the crowd and no one would know who was real, who was all business, and who was just lying about everything and building a facade.

I'm not saying that everyone should be raw and real constantly, or constantly complaining and bitching. But just like everyone else we have good days and bad days and things we are passionate about sharing, and then some random guy decides to message you something awful and you're like ???? Why?

Not everyone treats SPs with respect and because the boards are mostly just advertising our schedules and rating our services publicly, we don't have a lot of other ways to actually show our personality and our likes and dislikes in real time. So Twitter works for some, if you're not interested just don't use it or unfollow someone.

Outing someone over minor things, or constantly is a concern. I do draw the line at SAFETY concerns though, if someone asks me for BBFS or assaults a provider his privacy goes out the window because I'd rather warn and save another lady from him than protect his dangerous behaviour. I hope that caveat can be understood.

I don't get the need to bitch about it on a review board anonymously, instead of saying something directly on twitter if it REALLY bothers you. This post is not going to change any provider's minds really. I like twitter to be able to engage with not only clients but providers from all over the world. We get a sense of community and can share travel tips, recommended hotels, warnings, network and more. It just has a larger scope for worldwide networking than each individual local review board.
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