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I suspect this thread will disappear shortly.
There's no reason for it do so. Some of the people posting are giving great examples of why threads are locked, posts deleted or flagged in the first place. We have been working hard to make PERB a friendlier place. Insults instead of debate is part of the problem we are tackling here. Civil discourse is always welcome. Bravado and arrogance are likely to result in an opposing force meeting them head on, it's simple physics.

If you cannot have a discussion without resort to name calling, then you shouldn't be surprised that someone flags it. Some posts, from known trolls, are flagged a half dozen times or more before a mod can even see them. The community and its standards are the best moderation we could ever hope for. If you are offending that many people, the post very likely breaks one or several of the user guidelines and it should not surprise anyone for that post or thread to be removed or closed. Just because you believe something to be true, or indeed even if it is true, it does not mean a post containing it doesn't deserve to be flagged, especially if you can't resist calling someone a moron or worse.

If your posts are continually being pruned or edited and you are hearing from the mods on a regular basis on many separate threads or issues, what are the chances that the whole world is wrong and you are right? Just saying, there isn't a single person alive who can claim to have never lost their temper, made a mistake, gotten into a flame war or otherwise messed up. The holier than thou stuff is hardly justified. When you break a rule, it's usually not the end of the world, learn from the mistake and try to not make the same one again. It's pretty simple to get along. If you simply cannot, then I suggest using the ignore function or follow the old adage, if you can't say anything nice (or nicely) then don't say anything at all. Your stress levels and overall mood might actually improve instead of getting worked up over every little post or issue that pops up.

Ok, I am getting off the soapbox now. I hope it sinks in for some, hope springs eternal.

As always, if you disagree with any moderation decision, you can always PM Fred Zed/Jess or Mark Service.
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