Any recommendations on solid Asian or CBC providers in the Coal Harbour area?

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I suppose slightly photoshopped like most ads .. she has short hair now ... as others have mentioned may look hotter with long hair but I wouldn't kick her out of bed cuz she has short hair. I couldn't keep my hands off her last time I saw her.. damn, maybe time for a return visit!
Thanks for the info! My tdl is getting pretty long now.
I can tell you for sure this pics are faaaaake. You guys are quick to say pics are.photoshopped and real when they are clearly magazine photos.

We're in this business and work with a lot of shops. Trust me those pics are not real and nobody spends that kind of Money in photoshoots.girls in this business are flaky and go at a.moments notice.. this just isn't done.

If you want real photos you are.looking for verified amateur ish photos with a sign in the photo. We are the only ones I am aware of that use a pro photographer, and even then we ensure the pictures don't.look too good, so it's realistic.
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