BBFS Discussion: Why does PERB not allow talk of it

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All of you lock your cars, the doors to your home, your office, watch your wallet when out in public, protect your pin numbers, look over your shoulder at night when in a strange neighborhood etc... Why? Because you do not trust strangers. Yet reading this post, and others, tells me that you would believe some idiot stranger, hiding behind a keyboard, talking about an SP with an alleged STI or offering BBFS, because you want to know which SP's to avoid? As if just because he has written about it on PERB, it must be true. Are you kidding me!

It is like you are part of some secret society and because you all have a penis, that makes you brethren. You write about these ladies as if they are meat, get all indignant when one of them stands up for herself. Then you circle the wagons when other members defend the ladies, because they disagree with a stranger hiding behind a keyboard, that may or may not have an agenda.

Some of you need a serious reality check. It is embarrassing to read some of the things you so called gentlemen write. These ladies are human beings and for the most of you, would not give you the time of day, unless you pay them to do so. You should feel privileged and lucky that the good quality SP's share themselves with you. And if you pay $180 dollars at 3am, shut up! You deserve what you get.

There are certainly a number of scams. fake pics and so on. That should be the purpose of this board. Not discussing intricate details and unsubstantiated rumors.
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