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January 1, 2017 “Start As You Mean To Go On”

Not to make too much of resolutions, I’ll just say that I’ve had a lot of success starting new phases in my life on the first of January. I woke up this morning determined to return to doing some of the things that helped me get rid of over 120 pounds as well as to be successful in my work & personal life. Blogging was part of it. I reached a lot of people while I was writing Confessions Of a Cougar Call Girl & updating it regularly, & people would seek me out because of it. Towards the end of 2016, I recognized a need in me to continue to tell those stories, & so that brings me here.

2017 got off to a roaring start for me after a satisfying conclusion to 2016. On Sunday, January 1st, I hadn’t expected to be roaring busy; I didn’t bother to advertise. I figured that anyone new who might be calling early in the morning would be of the ‘still rolling from the night before’ types, & that can be challenging, for all kinds of reasons. I thought a regular or two might want to come around, and that would be a perfectly happy start to the New Year. If nothing else, I knew I had a booking for a new guest. He told me he'd been intrigued by not only the pictures of my bodacious booty, but by the tag line in my ad. It read: This Week, Naughtier is Nicer. Instead of charging extra for ‘a trip to Greece, DATO, & Rimming’, this week it is included in any visit an hour or longer. Anal play is something I enjoy; I also feel like it ought to be considered a connoisseur’s item. Not something that ought to just be ‘thrown in’ at the end of an appointment, I usually prefer to only offer Greek to a true fan. Curiosity is wonderful, but get your learner’s permit on someone else’s ass, OK? Once you know what you are doing, let’s talk. Give me the advanced notice I need to do the job right, & then come see me. That’s what today’s guest did.

To say he was an anal enthusiast would be putting it very mildly. In his intial & incredibly polite & respectful communications, he had let me know that ‘touring the Mediterranean’ was his primary interest. I was happy to ensure that I was perfectly, properly prepped for it; clean inside & out. When he phoned me in the morning to confirm his appointment, he requested an extension of his 60 minute booking to 90 minutes, and I was happy to oblige!
Both us were glad I did…his first comment upon coming up for air? “That’s the sort of asshole that makes me wish I had a longer tongue! Do you mind if I just make out with it for a while?” And then he did.

He spent the better part of 90 minutes rapturously devouring my ass & pussy; making me cum over & over with his tongue, his hands & in a couple of memorable instances, my Magic Wand as well. He ate me like a fat kid eats cupcakes, complete with happy smacking, slurping gobbling noises. My fat lips & clit were sucked, licked & nibbled; I was tongued deeply & completely. I lay on my back, I knelt in the middle of the bed; I sat on his face. He brought me some excellent weed: somewhere between minute 60 & minute 75, we smoked a joint together while we cuddled naked & I rested up before another series of intense, shuddering orgasms. I could have used a bottle of something sweet & bubbly! I settled for a quick sip of water before I returned the favour, sucking his cock with skill & enthusiasm. On my back again, I used my strong legs to mash his face hard against my pussy. Eventually, I locked my feet behind his head & forced his tongue deeper into my sweet honeyhole. He made me squirt repeatedly, yet my bedding was dry at the end of the appointment; he swallowed every drop. At his request, we finished with me lying on my back at the edge of the bed, with his fat cock buried in my ass.

After he came, he continued working my pussy & ass until, gloriously, I came, powerfully, one more time. How many times in all? I don't know...but my new friend, YOU can come & play in my backyard again anytime!
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