2016 PERB Year In Review

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girth-brooks's 2016 Year in review

SPs that I saw in 2016:

1 Vivica 9005* (2x)
2 Heidi Hayes
3 Tasha 9005 (2x)
4 Nikki (Kamloops, BC)
5 Marissa Fox (7x)
6 Shylynn (Kelowna, BC)
7 Chanel Lea (Kelowna, BC)
8 Exotic Myya (2x)
9 Tiffany 9005
10 Lyla 9005 (4x)
11 Kissable Kimberly 9005* (2x)
12 Skyler Mack (3x)
13 Ella*
14 Kate (aka Shea, Tiffany) (Toronto, ON)
15 Chanel Waters
16 Nicky French Canadienne*
17 Nivea 9005
18 Lolita Star (7x)
19 Svetlana 9005 (2x)
20 Persian Kitty 9005
21 Ms. Evelyn Snow
22 Sweet Adelaide Jones (1x solo, 1x Duo)
23 Brielle Belle (Duo with Adelaide)

24 Nikki Minks


With my 4th yearly entry in the books, it was a bit of a mixed bag. I have really be drawn to my regulars and didnít see as many new girls or the ones from out of town. Lots of SPs were missed because of bad timing or being away. I really enjoyed most of every one on this list, but if I had to give some general suggestions, below are my recommendations:

Top 3 Best Looking: Svetlana 9005, Kissable Kimberly 9005, Marissa Fox

Top 3 Best Service: Marissa Fox, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Skyler Mack

Top 3 Best Attitude: Marissa Fox, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Skyler Mack

Best Body (Athletic): Nivea 9005, Svetlana 9005, Tiffany 9005
Best Body (Natural / Healthy): Marissa Fox, Skyler, Kate
Best Breasts (Natural): Miss Evelyn Snow, Nicky, Kate
Best Breasts (Enhanced): Nivea 9005, Kissable Kimberly 9005, Tiffany 9005
Nicest Ass: Svetlana 9005, Lyla 9005, Sweet Adelaide Jones
Best BJ: Lolita Star, Nikki Minks, Skyler

Top 3 Most Romantic (i.e. classy & stylish: appearance, attitude, clean incall, etc.): Marissa Fox, Skyler, Miss Evelyn Snow
Top 3 Best first impressions: Skyler, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Brielle Belle
Top 3 Most Feisty/Dominant: Skyler, Sweet Adelaide Jones, Heidi Hayes
Top 3 Agency Girls: Svetlana, Vivica, Lyla (9005/3538)

ATF: Marissa Fox - Canít say enough about her, she suits me in every category
Rookie of the Year: Skyler Mack - Great energy, knows the ropes, very intuitive, fun and sexual woman
Also would recommend: A duo with Sweet Adelaide Jones & Brielle Belle - Fantastic girls, great chemistry together, great service

Not my type, didn't click/Wouldn't repeat: The SPs from the Okanagan - sorry, itís just different in the big city.

Thanks to all of the ladies I saw - you are all unique in your sessions.

Special thanks to all resourceful PERB contributors

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  1. badbadboy's Avatar
    Great list Girth. You put a lot of effort into breaking the categories down and it's quite informative.

  2. girth-brooks's Avatar
    Thanks man - it was a pretty good year. Going to take my favourites from the list and mix in some new ones.