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The White Knight Chronicles

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I'm not a white knight but...
I'm definitely not a white knight
And yet...

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    Chapter 2

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    Chapter 3: The White Knight Apologists refrain:

    Maybe she was having an off day...
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    Great Vids MM
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbadboy
    Great Vids MM
    As you can probably tell, I've always loved that bit from Excalibur. I was hoping to find a context for this clip from Bugs Bunny. I'm not sure it actually works in context but it's always made me laugh...

    I was also trying to find one from the end of Cool World after Gabriel Byrne turns into a cartoon Superhero but either I don't remember it correctly anymore or I'm just not finding it. I remember it being pretty funny.

    Feel free to add any that you can think of
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    Chapter 4: Insulted on Behalf of his Maiden Fair:

    Sorry to say that I had a less than stellar experience with her.
    What?! Well, I've seen her a number of times and don't believe that anyone could not have anything less than the most spectacular time ever with her!!!

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    Chapter 5: Tilting at Windmills

    I am no Knight in shining armour.

    I am sure you will take no mind of these rude and crude men on here , they make me ashamed to be a man and associated with them here on this site.
    Who says the armor has to be shining...

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    I just kind of like this one