Octavia, Nitya and Deysi - three solid GTG newcomers!

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It's only February and already three solid newcomers have started working in Van City.

Octavia Ross

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I was made aware of Octavia a few days ago and immediately made a date with her. In the mean time, I noticed CanineCowboy (whose review is spot on) posted a very favourable review which confirmed it was a great choice going to see yet another newb to the biz.

Her pictures are 100% accurate with Octavia having beautiful dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair and a smile that can light up any room. Body wise she is quite fit, has an amazing figure with firm natural C’s and an awesome round booty that I seemed to caress the entire time while I was with her

Once inside the door, I was greeted by Octavia, smiling warmly and welcoming me to her incall. She explained she is still quite new to the biz and was perhaps a bit nervous so I suggested we just sit and talk on the couch for a bit instead of immediately heading for the bedroom. It was a good idea as we exchanged some general information about each other and got to know each other a bit with me realizing she is quite a nice hardworking young lady with education, a civilian job and her new SP job. I jokingly advised her I had assisted a few students with this hobby.!

Those who enjoy savouring the moment, giving as much as receiving, soft lingering kisses, and with soft sensual touches will absolutely enjoy Octavia’s company. She is like a fine Italian wine to be savoured and enjoyed.

Her Italian heritage inspired me to have a glass of Amarone Classico Costesera tonight savouring each sip while reminiscing about my date with Octavia while writing this review.

I hope to see her again soon. We had a great connection and seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

90 minutes $450 plus tip.
Nitya Narula

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Nitya Narula

[email protected]

BBB’s holiday adventures continued to an incall visited many times in the past to meet the lovely Nitya Narula. Advertised as young, innocent, inexperienced but oh so eager and beautiful; BBB being a big fan of truth in advertising, I fully endorse this description of Nitya.

Opening the door I found the facially beautiful Nitya with her gorgeous dark brown eyes, long raven coloured hair, smooth lovely mocha coloured skin and an enticing sexy smile. Her slim body accentuated with a nice firm booty and perky B’s perhaps? Simply a very hot young SP IMHO.

“Welcome BBB, we finally meet” and my retort was “ ah yes, Nitya, we finally meet after way too long a wait”. A soft embrace followed with a welcoming lingering kiss. This welcoming committee certainly knows how to warm up BBB. Taking my cue to head towards the shower while Nitya awaited me in the bedroom.

We joined each other on the bed and got acquainted with soft kisses, sensuous exploration and occasional nibbles on her neck, earlobes and nipples. Rolling around, we played musical positions in a variety of ways to enjoy some oral pleasure. Check that, a lot of oral.

A short water break, a bit of conversation and then off to the washroom for some hot mirror time with the lights off and the hall light shining on us. Gotta love mirrors; sort of like having your own sexy video but you don’t get to keep it or see it again unless you rent it again

Back to the bedroom and we continued playing with Nitya on the bed while I was standing beside her. Putting on the condom, Nitya lay back as we went to standing missionary. Locking eyes, we continued that way till the finish.

A bit of time remaining, we had some interesting pillow talk. Clearly Nitya enjoys her chosen profession, especially with her GF's from the same group aka Verona Rossi, Summer Rain et al. It sounds like they are quite a close nit group and Nitya loves their company. Duos are available with various members of the group which would be amazingly hot IMHO.

I get the feeling that as one gets to know Nitya more intimately and often; the initial nervousness (on both our parts) would diminish.

Catch Nitya when you can because she is in school full time and will be working some evening and weekends.

Repeat? Probably one on one and most definitely with one of her hot colleagues


Deysi Araya

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Deysi Araya Hot Canadian Latina

From a previous ad here on Perb:

….. and she is a South American Beauty.
23, 5'10, 125, and an amazing body that I LOVE TO PLAY with!

I recently met with Deysi at her east of downtown incall. Opening the door I found a pretty young woman who was tall and quite sexy looking wearing her black one piece body suit. She looked damn hot with her pretty smile. A welcoming soft kiss on the lips and a hug.; Deysi covered all the welcoming graces exactly right to set the mood for me.

Returning from the shower, I found Deysi laying on the bed so I beckoned her to stand up. I love a long embrace, soft kisses and the mutual exploration that is so much fun as your mutual heart rates begin to race. Now I am 6’2” and finding a 5’10" tall hot SP that I can kiss without stooping over was awesome. Her kisses are soft and light with the occasional tongue.

I never go into a date with expectations how the proceedings will start or finish and prefer just to let things present themselves to me in an organic way. Turns out Deysi seems to like a soft GFE experience and as luck would have it, so do I on some dates too. Don’t get me wrong, there was lots of action that one would not consider “soft” haha.

Deysi loves to be touched and loves to touch back too. We shared our mutual love of oral too. I recall looking up at Deysi while I was giving her oral and our eyes locked for what seemed like a very long time. Seeing a woman enjoying herself while not looking away during oral is really arousing to me. They say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”; well our eyes being locked gave me a look in the window to this woman’s passion.

Now a view that is nicely burned into my memory bank is Deysi doing reverse cowgirl. I liked it so much I suggested standing doggy too. Check out her pics and IMHO that view is worth the price of admission alone. Simply a gorgeous booty

Being fairly new to the industry, I think sometimes Deysi needs to be communicated with on what you like and how you like it. Deysi is pretty open minded and played quite well with this badboy.

We had fun and IMHO I think as one gets to know Deysi; it only gets better.

$450 plus tip 90 minutes.
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