I love this hobby

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Where else can one have so much fun with willing, caring partners two hours at a time?

You make the plan, meet for the date, warmly greet each other, flirt, kiss, touch and enjoy all the sensory overload for the entire time agreed upon.

It doesn't get any better for me anyways.

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Last date with a Civvy was 2011.
Last FWB was 2015.
I had hopes for either to have worked out but never seemed to get to that point.

Last date with an SP was last week.

Me: "Wow, hello gorgeous, we haven't seen each other in how long?"

Her "I missed you and I'm horny"

Me "Me too, I wanna be bad"

* Personally, I like last weeks date a lot more because we just got to the heart of the matter, said what we wanted, played how we wanted to pleasure each other for hours and loved that we could say goodbye at the end . . . .

To be continued
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