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An Escort’s Review: Nanaimo

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An Escort’s Revie: Nanaimo

I love Nanaimo. It’s a rough & tumble city, as most port cities are (or used to be!). I think as a tourism destination, it might be BC’s best kept secret! As a deep-water port, Nanaimo has a long history for this part of the country. The Hudson’s Bay Company built the Nanaimo Bastion in 1853, a year after the discovery by Europeans of rich coal deposits in the area. That brought the first boom to the boomtown! I had a visitor from Wyoming last summer (hi, D!) who loves the area so much I think he told me he’d spent his last 4 summer vacations on Vancouver Island; Nanaimo is “Hub City” for anything going down Island towards Victoria or up Island (maybe to Tofino?) at all.
I love to spend time in the Old City area of Nanaimo. Great restaurants (though sadly Acme Food Co. is closed; I think Mrs. Riches’ is still a going concern) and shopping await just a few blocks from the Inner Harbour. The waterfront offers a protected swimming area, a seaplane terminal, and even a fishing pier. The day I was there, numerous families were pulling big healthy Dungeness crabs out of the water like there was no end to them! (Did I check to see that all the crabs were male? Nope…but I devoutly hope they were!) I was envious for that taste from my childhood; fresh crab, still warm, cooked in the backyard on a Coleman stove. Serve with lemon & cocktail sauce; no butter required! It stayed on my mind all day; best I could do back at my hotel was the Bar Chips appetizer. Yummy crab, cream cheese, jalapeno goodness on tortilla chips? Yes please!

I simply cannot say enough good things about the Coast Bastion Inn. Newly reopened after a third floor flood forced a renovation, it boasts a conveniently located, well-appointed hotel with a terrific staff. Friendly & yet unobtrusive, I had no difficulty working there, nor did my guests have any trouble finding me. While one does have to walk past the front desk to go to the elevators, one must also walk past those same elevators to access the very busy meeting rooms. There were large events every day/evening while I was there, and there was no key card required for the elevators to my knowledge. For those who prefer a little meet, greet & eat before the main event, Minnoz restaurant & lounge is comfortable, classy without being stuffy, and the food is great! Over my4 day visit, I ate er, continental breakfast, salad & an omelette. All of it was great, including the Chicken Avocado (No Spinach) Salad. On the menu, it’s prepared with baby spinach but I can’t eat that, so I requested mixed spring greens be substituted. Not an issue at all! I would also recommend FoodKoma as a great bubble tea place. The (super good-looking!) owner gave me the first bubble tea I have ever really enjoyed! I wasn’t a fan going in because of the texture…he gave me a Green Apple Green Tea with green apple flavoured coconut jellies. Because there was no ‘fish egg’ sensation, I found it delicious and wonderfully refreshing! I’d go back again just for that!

About the clients; Nanaimo was very kind to me the first two days of my stay, and very strange for the last two. Of course, it was delightful to know getting on the ferry that I had a visit booked with a review board member that would pay for the first two nights of my stay; I simply hoped that I would get enough guests to make my stay worthwhile. He was delightful; kindly picked up a phone top up card at my request so i wouldn't run out of minutes while touring & unable to drive anywhere! We met up in the lounge (Minnoz) in the hotel. Had the gentleman in question not needed to return to work, we might have started our encounter there over a glass of Island crafted wine or beer! Instead, we were thirsty for one another. One very vigoourous romp (and an ADMIRABLE & determined effort and round 2) later, he was dressing to return to the office for a long evening, and I was into a hot bath! Friday morning after a gorgeous breakfast, I was privileged to entertain a lovely senior gentleman who had spent the last 8 years of her life as his wife's caregiver as she lost the battle against Alzheimer's disease. I take pleasure in giving pleasure; when someone says "It's been so long since anyone touched me", and means it from the heart, it's always special. On Saturday, I got rather more than my share of Penthouse Forum wanna-bes. Every working escort knows the type: given the opportunity, they will eagerly book an overnight so that they may spin increasingly “out there” sexual fantasies for their own titillation, then get indignant when you ask them to prove their sincerity. Really, when your phone number shows up as being from a US State 2000 miles away, but you claim to be on Vancouver Island for work, you shouldn’t consider it unreasonable to call me from a local number. (Best way to prove you are who you say you are in this circumstance? Let me hear you pronounce “NANAIMO”!) Likewise, if you are asking me to extend my stay another day & commit to providing you with overnight access to all my goodies, asking you for a deposit seems reasonable, especially after you tell me you intend to spend the night done up on coke. After all, when you show up at the hotel looking for a room for the night, they are going to ask you to provide a credit card even if you pay cash to ensure you don’t trash the place, right? If you don’t want to get ripped off by an unscrupulous provider, don’t see one! If you want to ensure that the provider won’t rip you off, don’t provide the answer to the secret question until everyone’s naked! Problem solved!
Conclusion: I’d return to Nanaimo again if I had enough inquiries & prebooked appointment requests. I don’t think I would tour solo again: having a partner along for duos is fun, but only needing to cover half of the hotel stay makes so much more sense! Better yet, tour to cities where somebody has already offered to pay for my airfare and my stay when I am there! (Kelowna: you’re next!)
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