2015 PERB Year In Review

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girth-brooks's 2015 Year in review

SPs that I saw in 2015:

1 Charmaine* (4x)
2 Catie Bell*
3 Bianca*
4 Marissa Fox (11x)
5 Alexa Reed
6 Peyton Anders* (Victoria, BC) (2x)
7 Miss Tanya Hunter
8 Katerina 6371*
9 Cameron Diablo (Victoria, BC)
10 Taylor (Victoria, BC)
11 Carlee*
12 Adele Marie*
13 Kissable Kimberly 9005*
14 Brooklyn 9005* (3x)
15 Emmy St. Claire* (Victoria, BC)
16 Nicki 9005*
17 Heidi Hayes*
18 Miley (Blonde Miley) 9005*
19 Paris 6371*
20 Tiffany Black (Toronto, ON)
21 Svetlana 9005
22 Bonnie Castle (Victoria) 9005
23 Exotic Myya (2x)

24 Electra (Victoria, BC)
25 Reise Roberts (x3)
26 Neveah (Victoria, BC)
27 Mizz Chloe*
28 Miley
29 Nikki Minky (x7)


Overall, a pretty good year with lots of new faces and some favourites from '14. I was lucky enough to see some who are rare for me from different cities and some new favourites and regulars for 2016. I really enjoyed each and every one on this list, but if I had to give some general suggestions, below are my recommendations:

Top 3 Best Looking: Tiffany Black, Alexa Reed, Adele Marie

Top 3 Best Service: Marissa Fox, Emmy St. Claire, Alexa Reed

Top 3 Best Attitude: Marissa Fox, Exotic Myya, Emmy St. Claire

Best Body (Spinner): Emmy St. Claire, Victoria 9005, Alexa Reed
Best Body (Natural / Healthy): Tiffany Black, Cameron Diablo, Marissa Fox
Best Breasts (Natural): Tiffany Black (Runners up: Marissa Fox, Peyton Anders)
Best Breasts (Enhanced): Adele Marie (Runners up: Cameron Diablo, Brooklyn 9005)

Nicest Ass: Alexa Reed (Runners up: Brooklyn 9005, Tiffany Black)

Best BJ - Overall: Alexa Reed
Best BJ - Deep Throat: Adele Marie
Best BJ - B&G: Nikki Minky

Most Sexually Knowlegable: Tiffany Black, Cameron Diablo, Marissa Fox, Exotic Myya

Top 3 Most Romantic (i.e. classy & stylish: appearance, attitude, clean incall, etc.): Emmy St. Claire, Marissa Fox, Tiffany Black
Top 3 Best first impressions: Kissable Kimberly 9005, Heidi Hayes, Exotic Myya
Top 3 Most Feisty/Dominant: Peyton Anders, Taylor, Miley
Top 3 Agency Girls: Paris 6371, Svetlana 9005, Brooklyn 9005

ATF: Marissa Fox

Not my type, didn't click/Wouldn't repeat:
Mizz Chloe

Thanks to all of the ladies I saw - you are all unique in your sessions.

Special thanks to all resourceful PERB contributors

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  1. badbadboy's Avatar
    Very nice impressive list Girth

    I like the way you formatted it too.
  2. girth-brooks's Avatar
    Thanks man - most of these SPs have been reviewed extensively, this is more of my 'quick reference' list.