BBB's 2015 All Star List!

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BBB’s Hot 2015 in Review

It’s been a wonderful year with 100% enjoyment and satisfaction. I am happy to report I would see any of these wonderful ladies again in a heartbeat.

In no particular order, here are my own personal badbadgirls’

Scarlette Rose – I first met Scarlette in July and have continued to see her quite regularly. It’s truly a beautiful and exceptional experience every time with Scarlette. Highly addictive so be wary of this woman’s charms because BBB is hooked lol

Celina Rai aka Celina xo – I have seen Celina numerous times over the past few years. Tall, lean, and absolutely gorgeous with a passion that will match whatever you share with her. I love getting emails from Celina and enjoy following her on Twitter to get chuckles from her witty posts. See her, she is definitely one of the top SP’s in Vancouver for a very good reason. Celina is always a hot date so save up and get your rest before you venture to Celina’s incall.

Meena Maraj – I met Meena last spring and have repeated with her many times in 2015. A date with Meena is a wonderful GFE, ultra sensuous and mutually giving. Showering with Meena is awesome way to kick off any date

Anna Bellucci – I have known Anna for a few years now and see her quite regularly. I have seen Anna 25+ times now. Fun, positive, and happy are the words I would describe Anna combined with a passion that is very natural.

Violet Skye – I have known Violet for over a year now and we get along so naturally that it does seem like a real very hot GFE experience. Violet is a lovely lady inside and out who is a great match for anyone looking for an awesome sensual experience. I have repeated many times with Violet.

Blonde Brynn – over the past three years I have probably seen Brynn 25+ times. Each time is a hot sexy experience giving and receiving. I suspect she is deep in study these days because I have not heard back from her and hope to see her again “soon”.

Deirdre Malloy – I first met Deirdre a few years ago and repeated three more times. I saw Deirdre earlier in 2015 but have not seen her since. My bad for sure. Deirdre is a hot, sensual lady who loves what she does and a lot of fun.

Chloee Rose (visits from Toronto) – I saw Chloee once this year and stay in touch with her about her travels to Vancouver. Honestly, if she was a Vancouver resident, I would be seeing her monthly or more Absolutely a wonderful GFE experience the first time we got together and I look forward to our next tryst. BBB’s French Canadian Crush

Adelaide Jones – what to say about Adelaide that hasn’t been said already? Hot experience from the moment inside the door until the final hug and kiss goodbye. About to go on her Maternity Leave and I am so glad to have made her acquaintance. I can only hope she comes back again as the hot 20 something MILF.

Maya Maybach – I visited Maya a few times earlier in 2015 and it was an awesome experience each time. Maya has a hot natural body, great giving attitude and loves receiving too.

Selena Columbiana – simply wow! Selena is such a hot sexy woman that as I type these words I wonder WTF is wrong with me for not getting back into her bed again. Selena is definitely on my 2016 to do list.

Verona Rossi – another wonderful, hot sexy woman who started working in Vancouver this year. Verona loves what she does and if you exchange your energy with her's you will be handsomely rewarded.

Talisha Cruze – I met Talisha in 2013 and have continued to see her whenever she was in town. I have seen Talisha probably 20 times or more over the years. I have to say the two of us play off of each other amazingly well. It’s so much fun with Talisha that we are literally high fiving each other as I walk out the door.

Tarai Sahari – I initially had doubts that a guy my age would have a connection with a younger SP like Tarai. Four dates later and many smiles later, I can safely say I love seeing this young SP. Tarai was also quick to say that she enjoyed my company too. She is back in school now and I have heard through the grapevine she will be back in 2016. Tarai is absolutely my vote for Rookie of the year 2015.

Natalia Bijioux – Natalia is a wonderful woman whom I am happy to say is also a good friend of mine too. Hot, sexy and loves sex. She is definitely a great woman and provides amazing service.

Cami Parker – I first met Cami when I arranged a duo with Meena Maraj this year. They play amazingly well as duo partners i.e. love each other’s company and being part of it was a special treat for BBB. That was a stellar Duo that I now compare all other duo's. I have since repeated one on one with Cami and it was a hot sexy experience as expected. Cami should be anyone’s to do list being a fun, hot sexy and sensual experience. There is a very good reason she is one of Vancouver's premier providers and go see her to find out for yourself.

Verona Rossi and Sweet Adelaide Jones Duo in August was a stunning experience for me. They are awesome as partners and suffice it to say the three of us had a hot sexy time together.

There you have it, BBB’s 2015 list of All Stars. Not one negative experience to mention and I highly recommend each and every one of these awesome ladies.

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    Brain Fart. I forgot two awesome afternoon Trysts with Adele in Burnaby. Absolutely a wonderful woman.

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    I forgot a very memorable few trysts with

    Adele Once last spring and once during the heatwave in the summer. Awesome, friendly and very sexy French Canadian 30 something. I recall she may have retired or is only seeing a select few lucky guys.