My post about younger vs older pooners

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Younger guys tend to have had less long term relationships with non SP's than mature guys. The mature guys have been through usually numerous LTR's and with that comes mutual satisfaction for both partners in successful relationships. They tend to actually care if their partner has as much fun as themselves.

Younger guys growing up watching too much jack hammering porn (usually) does not equate to having a mutually beneficial tryst with any partner. Obviously in any LTR there is a time for sensual GFE, spontaneous fucking on bathroom countertops and many porno style flavours too.

Also with respect to younger guys with SP's, I note in many reviews they typically like to have 30 minute (or less) dates; get in, get on, get your gun off and get out. Presumably they get the 30 min dates because of less cost and are not really interested if the SP also enjoys herself.

When requests for dates come in and one guy asks for a 30 minute date and an older guy asks for a 90 min or two hour date; which one do you think an SP would choose? Monetarily and potentially enjoyment wise, I'd say the mature guy would get the time over the younger guy.
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