Do you second guess yourself considering a professional SP? Reasons to reconsider

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Do you second-guess yourself interested in seeking fulfilment from services providers of professional intimate companionship? Maybe you do? Here are some things to consider that might help to re evaluate. Being healthy and happy is important.

Mya Psych 101

When I studied psychology after coming from a Catholic background, I realized the necessity of sexual expression and openness. My eyes saw with a new insight and I lost the guilt that went along with exploring and expressing my sensual nature. I studied the biological differences between the way men and woman relate to sex and gained more understanding of the realistic characteristics of human nature, and saw past the conditioned form of regulated sexual behavior that society is taught.

We live in a society conditioned to accept or tolerate ignorance based on idealism rather than the openness of realism that supports the benefits of fulfilling biological sexual needs matched by requirements. Sometimes there is no other option of meeting those needs unless there is a fair trade or exchange without commitment.

One reason why Courtesans, Escorts, Mistresses, or Sexual service providers are just as essential and professionally fitting as doctors, lawyers, or nurses is because they are an alternate requirement of a healthy sex life when dating or commitment are not possible.

Sometimes men have to take a lot of time courting girls or women in exchange for the intimacy level compatible for sex. Yes, it is considered proper but not always a logical way to gratify sexual needs. And if you examine the way it is, in one way or another, men are bound to pay for sex. Whether itís paying for a romantic excursion, buying gifts or things that lead a relationship to a high intimacy level, things take time, energy, money and maybe a commitment without any guarantee that there will even be good sex involved.

Instead of all the courting that is involved with dating without a guarantee, why is it so wrong to just pay a SP to meet undeniable desire that needs to be fulfilled? If we told a bunch of bunnies that they had to be virgins and fluff up the other female bunnies before mating, that would be against their nature lol and also ridiculous. So, why deny your nature if you donít have to?

To have a good sex life is arguably a requirement for a healthy lifestyle, and maybe if it were not for the Service Providers of professional intimate companionship, some people would not have the luxury of one of lifeís necessities. Sometimes the rules need to be explored instead of followed and the ideal is being an animal.

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