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I'm not exactly sure why Perberts don't review, but laziness probably has something to do with it. Writing takes effort. Good writing takes practice, skill and hard work. But even if you're not a wordsmith, sometimes the most appreciated reviews (especially if it's a TOFTT) give nothing more than a simple L/S/A rating with some mention of restrictions. For many though, it's so much easier to just sit back and be spoon fed. But to be fair, many Perberts likely don't poon often enough to make reviewing worth their while, and even more Perberts, for discretionary reasons, would rather not have a permanent record of their escapades out in cyberspace.

I can tell you why I DO write reviews. Not only do I enjoy writing, but I feel this "hobby" is far more enjoyable when experiences are shared. It's the difference between travelling to Paris alone or with a friend. Writing a review also lets me reflect on an experience. If the experience was good, I get to relive it a second time through my writing. If the experience was bad, I can contemplate what went wrong and how such experiences can be avoided in the future. This "hobby" wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without this forum. Love it or hate it, the knowledge that is shared on PERB elevates this "hobby" to a different level. Think how much the "card cam" has popularized the game of Texas hold em.

Sharing reviews also improves the safety of both the pooner and the SP. I can't count how many times I've avoided a crack whore or violent pimp because some selfless (and no doubt traumatized) pooner decided to come out of the bushes to share his story. Reviews also give SPs a certain degree of protection. It has been said before that Perberts are often the best clients as they are knowledgeable on protocols around discretion and cleanliness and are well-read on an SPs restrictions. It should be noted, however, that overly explicit or revealing reviews can be dangerous for the SP and compromise her identity and safety. But done properly, reviews, simply put, tell us who the good SPs are and which ones to avoid.

It's often said that Perberts don't review because they want to keep a girl to himself. This is an illusion. For every Perbert who thinks he's keeping her to himself, there are probably ten other pooners who are thinking the same way. Nevertheless, word gets around quickly about a good provider whether a review is posted or not. Personally, I don't hesitate to share all my so-called "gems." What goes around comes around. For every "gem" that I've shared with Perberts, I receive intel on another "gem" through PM. I find pooners to be very generous, and many seem eager to exchange intel. Karma really does work in the pooning universe.

Here are some suggestions for newbies who might be on the fence about writing a review. It's been said that good reviews by someone with no "street cred" are called shills, whereas a negative review will hurt a girl's business. While there is always the danger for a new pooner to write a glowing review of a girl (since he doesn't have many past experiences to compare it to), experienced pooners are usually very good at detecting the true shills from a newbie who was simply overwhelmed by an experience. Stick to the facts and be specific: What was contact like? Are the pictures real? What did the incall look like? What were her services, rates and restrictions? There is no need for embellishment. It often helps to point out something unique about an experience, good or bad, that will make your session seem distinctive. For example, she made you go buy condoms because she ran out; there was another girl in the room who tried to get you to agree to a duo--but you resisted; the girl reminded you of a girlfriend from high school.

I'm relatively new to PERB myself, but I've been fortunate I've never been called a shill. I started posting by adding the odd comment to existing threads before I could muster up the confidence to write my own first review. Admittedly, that first review of mine was somewhat glowing (it was on Busty Britney), but veteran Perberts were very forgiving. Since then, and after more experience, I've been better able to write more balanced reviews, pointing out both positive and negative aspects of a session, in light of all my past sessions. And while the majority of my reviews are typically positive, I'm unafraid to share negatives one. I think the negative reviews are far more important than the positive ones, simply because there are so few of them in comparison (do we really need another positive Lucy Lake review?)

We don't all start with a thousand posts, and neither is that the goal. Even a first post can have a big impact on the board if it's a review that's engaging, intelligent, and written from the heart. The power of the forum doesn't come from the number of Perberts who post prolifically, but from the prolific number of Perberts who post. If every Perb member TOFTT and wrote just a single review each, there would be enough reviews to cover every SP in the Lower Mainland for the next decade.

Awesome post by SM88 about pooners posting reviews!
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