BBB's Absolute Good to Go List July 2015 Part 3

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Meena Maraj - Another Perb advertiser who I met in May 2015. I have seen Meena a few times since and I really enjoy her company since we always seem to find new ways to pleasure each other. Meena is a Canadian Born Indian with many diverse interests and is conversant on a variety of topics. Looks wise, Meena is pretty facially and has a nice natural body complete with a few tasteful tats. Those who enjoy an erotic GFE at a slower pace will enjoy Meena more so than the hobbyist who is there for a limited amount of time with a checklist. Most times Meena will wait for my arrival so she can join me in the shower. Lucky her incall doesn't have a water meter

Violet Skye - Another Perb advertiser who I met a year ago. We have gotten together on numerous occasions and I really enjoy Violet's low key fun attitude. The way I would describe her looks is a natural beauty with little or no makeup, all natural body, a quick wit with a beautiful smile. Our trysts have been varied from the Slow Sensual GFE to more energetic dates taking place all around the hotel room or incall. I would have to say Violet is adaptable to any situation. Again another SP who enjoys getting all wet and soapy with BBB.

Raelene Rose - A former dancer who now has a devoted following now as an SP in Vancouver. Mid to late 20's, 5'6" ish, slim body which is nicely enhanced with D's. Raelene has always been on time, has a great/fun attitude and provides a very hot experience. Show up with a smile on your face with a fun attitude and Raelene will respond in the same way toward you.


  1. girth-brooks's Avatar
    Way overdue to see Raelene. Nice list.