BBB's Absolute GTG List July 2015 Part 2

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Natalia Bijoux - DNR and all I'll say is Natalia is 100% fun and GTG. I've visited Natalia many times.

Adele - French Canadian Treat! Early 30's, 5'4", 110 lb with D cup enhancement. I've seen Adele twice now and I ask myself why I haven't visited more often? Adele loves sex and if you are a kind, generous and respectful guy; you will be rewarded

Sweet Adelaide Jones - I've seen Adelaide once and already feel its time to repeat. High energy and fun are the words that best describe Adelaide. Tall, sweet booty, natural boobs and at 23 years of age is a MILF. A few tats for those who keep track of such things. Highly recommend and its apparent by other reviews that other's feel the same.

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