BBB's Absolute GTG list July 2015

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In no particular order, I offer my GTG list:

Anna Bellucci - Mid 20's, Petite 5'2" 100 lb ish dark tanned curvy with an amazing natural body. Wonderful C cup breasts and oh what a beautiful booty! Anna always has a beaming smile and a wonderful attitude to have plenty of fun. She is open to new things (I've seen her 20+ times ) and loves to enjoy her time as much as I do.

Blonde Brynn - Mid 20's, Petite 5'2" 100 lb ish long blonde hair down to her bum. All natural body B cup breasts and lovely round booty. A few artistic tats on her shoulders for those who are unaware of her tats. I last saw Brynn June 2015 and she is sporting a neatly trimmed bush (blonde of course lol) for those who are expecting a shaved experience. Always a wonderful erotic GFE experience with Brynn. She is working part time these days seeing perhaps one client per week. I'd be guessing but I think I've seen Brynn 25+ times including an outcall to YVR.

Tarai Sahari - Early 20's, 5'0, 95 lb Bengali Student with beautiful long bum length hair, mocha coloured skin and a killer smile. New to escorting but don't let that deter you Tarai provides incredible GFE. Again, another student with limited availability and it's a good idea to email her indicating your interest. I've visited Tarai 4x now.

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