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Dixie Devereaux at CCE

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As I picked the phone a little after 2am it was occurring to me that this might be risky decision, but I went for it. I asked the CCE phone girl who was on at that moment and it was Dixie. Sounded good to first official porn star. I was there in a flash and booked for an hour. Dixie opened the door and (other than being quite short) her photos on CCE and her videos (with blonde hair) are all accurate.

We headed upstairs,... by the way the CCE place is so nice to visit for its consistent cleanliness and those other niceties I have bared without on past dates. In the room Dixie and I ironed out the issues that she was to be the boss and I was to be a good boy for her. She did initiate the action immediately. An capital A Awesome BJ while I stood looking down to her eyes and my dick slipping in and around as she worked it. She got me on the bed and continued, we spent nearly half the date with her mouth wrapped on my dick. It was great. She got all cowgirl up on me as it was nearing 3am and I was getting a touch lazy. She was making plenty of moans and OMGs while going at it, should I have had the energy I would have pounded on her doggie style for the whole time as she requested. Just not there for me this time. To cap it all off she had me jerk off onto her giant la the money shots you so often see in vids. Instead of a wipe off with a rag, she hollered down to the phone girl that we were heading to the shower before I left...YMMV...

I would recommend Dixie if you need massive soft tits that are great to suck. If you crave a moaning, passionate girl she a definite. She discussed in an encouraging way all the fun I would have if I wanted to meet in the dungeon some time for more serious Boss Lady and Good Boy action...I figure I'll need to prepare my "safe word" for that one.

Thanks Dixie for the fun.

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