Berlin Black

Outdoor Cardio and Glistening Beads of Sweat

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l aways get so excited about summertime in Vancouver because the sizzling heat gives me the opportunity to show off my hard earned muscles.

You better believe Iíll be wearing as little as possible while I casually jog around the sea wall with my pup, or go for a spin on my roller blades. This body was meant to be showcased, so, no need to be discreet when you spot me around Yaletown scantily-clad in sports attire.

Take a good, long look, I love to be admired. Iíll be that muscle goddess, glistening with beads of sweat while I workout and soak up the Vancouver summer heat.

What better way to wind down after a sweaty outdoor cardio session than to enjoy some R & R with Berlin Black. Come rub my back and Iíll return the favour!

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