(Pornographic short story) The Pleasure of Washing Dishes

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For anyone who does not like doing dishes this should make it more interesting next time hehehe So give it a read and go if you pleas lol ☺

The Pleasure of Washing Dishes

My hands are fully immersed in warm soapy water as I stand in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes. I feel the warmth of the water and hear the sound from the clattering dishes. You approach me from behind and say "hello sweetie." I reply, "hello darling," and then I feel your hand brush my neck as you move my long hair to one side. As you begin to kiss my neck, I shiver, smile and finish rinsing off a glass. I turn the faucet off, set down the glass, turn around and kiss you so sweetly, giggle and turn back around. I immerse my hands back into the warm soapy water and the clattering starts again as I continue to scrub a bowl. I feel you gently press your body against mine, and you wrap your arms around me. I can feel your cock bulging through your shorts against my ass. It feels so nice and hard and sends shivers up my spine. The clatter stops. I stand still with both hands immersed in the warm soapy water. You kiss my neck again. I lift my hands out of the water, dripping, turn my head and kiss your sweet lips. I feel your tongue against mine and you slowly move your hands up my dress. I turn back around and you gently lift up the bottom of my dress and remove my panties. Your hands caress my soft skin and you place your hands on my hips, and gently position my ass with a slight tug towards you. I lean forward over the sink and clench my hands on both taps. The water from the faucet is trickling slowly into the sink as you begin to touch my slippery pussy, rubbing back and forth slowly with your fingers. You feel me getting wetter. You sigh and I hear you unzip your shorts. I gasp as I feel your bare, hard cock pressing between the cheeks of my ass as you kiss my neck and grasp my breasts. I sigh as you caress me, and you begin moving your hands down my back. Then you caress my ass and I feel your hot breath and you begin licking my pussy from behind. I gasp and quiver, as your tongue lingers inside me ever so softly, making me wetter and wetter. Then, you stop and stand up and slide your hard cock into my pussy penetrating me from behind, “mmmmmm, yeah, I sigh.” You stroke me softly at first and then get a bit faster. It feels so good as you penetrate me and your balls gently tap my ass with each sexy stroke. I lose my grip from the taps and my arms plunge into the water and the sink overflows! I sigh "oh, please don’t stop! Ahhh, no darling, don’t stop!" And you continue to penetrate me. We rock with pleasure to the sound of our bodies slapping and water splashing. Then your cock pulsates inside me and my pussy clenches your cock tightly as I orgasm and scream with pleasure. You sigh with relief and pull your cock out of my wet pussy. I moan as I feel your warm cum on my ass. Everything is dripping wet and covered in suds. You turn me around and kiss me, and hold me. We both are soaked, smiling and laughing.

LDC 1 2015
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