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Do you judge an SP based by her place of residence or in call location or would you judge her based on her looks, personality, and service? Do you judge the taste of the food and the quality of service strictly based by the ambiance of a restaurant? I have had so much scrutiny based on my residence that I had to wonder this myself.

I moved to Dublin Ireland for six months, and was on a list for subsidized housing so that I could live on a student loan and study with hopes of becoming a psychiatric nurse. I had a phone call shortly after my visa in Dublin expired. When I arrived back in Vancouver, I stayed at a bed and breakfast on West 12th Avenue close to Oak Street. After viewing the apartment, which became vacant for my tenancy, I was warned about what to expect as a resident concerning some of the tenants who have mental instabilities; coincidentally that was my field of interest, so I figured it would add to my life school knowledge, as well as the book school based knowledge. The building seemed old, and looked a bit creepy from the outside, but the studio suite was clean, the building was well maintained, and the gardens surrounding the property were beautiful. I could go to school without sharing an apartment, renting a dorm, or working to worry about paying a very huge rent bill. So I took the suite. I had stopped working as an SP at that time; I was engaged.

When I was at the bed and breakfast, I had another week that was paid for, instead I left and came to the old Veteran’s building; my new home. Six months later, my engagement was off, and I began working as an outcall only SP. Then one day, I decided that perhaps there was nothing wrong with having guests and decided to bring clients here at night only to avoid attention from tenants. I posted late at night, and at those times “party girl” were the most suitable.

Recently I have had to pay for student loans, and the high rents in Vancouver have discouraged me from moving on.
I have had a few unhappy visitors come at times when there were hoodlums but they are not just here, they are everywhere. So I decided to accept more day-time clients, which has not been an issue as far as neighbours are concerned. Since then, there have been many reviews that not only criticize the place, and judge me based on it, some of the comments make the small studio located in a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood sound like it is a terrible East side slum, while others agree that it is nothing fancy; they are here to see me and not my place of temporary residence.

People might go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy the ambiance meanwhile the food is horrible, and the staff are unfriendly. Then there is the little old simple restaurant down the block; it has an old and rather simple ambiance, meanwhile the food is reasonably priced, very delicious and the staff and service are outstanding.

Like the old restaurant, my place is nothing fancy but if you are here to see me, the surroundings won't matter too much. My studio is in an old and well-maintained building located in a trendy neighbourhood by Commercial and First Avenue. I keep it clean, make sure there are always clean towels, clean sheets, things to drink, and that I am beautiful, clean, and in bright spirits. I aim to treat visitors with the best care as they deserve and desire. My building might not be top rated, nor fancy but it’s a private place with a beautiful, dedicated SP who takes pride in what she does.

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